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Tiger Mountain Summer Cross Country Competition

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To provide a fun and safe competition that builds skill and is accessible to all pilots regardless of time commitments, wing performance and retrieve options.

What is Tiger Tag?

The "Tiger Tag" Summer XC competition series is for those pilots who want to compete, but want to participate on their schedule. The competition is open monthly from Spring through Summer. Pilots will be ranked each month, and finally at the end of the season.

No tasks are called, the flying is totally up to the competitor. The score for the flight is calculated based on the nubmer of waypoints tagged, the distance of the resulting route, a bonus for landing back at lauch or the LZ and a bonus for flying the route quickly. Full details can be found in the rules.

In order to level the field between those pilots who have plenty of time to fly a those that have a life outside paragliding or hang gliding, the rules detail the maximum number of flights that can be counted each month and for the whole competition.

The are no entry fees or signups. A pilot is entered when their first claim is submitted. Prizes from the sponsors will be awarded monthly and at the end of the comeptition.

Tiger Tag aims to provide an environment for newer pilots to gain experience of competition flying without the stress and expense of entering an organized competition. Pilots will be able to gain skills in task based XC flying with a GPS at a pace that is dictated by the pilot, not a task committee.

There is a new format for the claim email : please look at the Claim Page.

Paragliding 2010 Summer Overall Standings

Weekend Weekday
Place Pilot Score Class
1 Konstantin Terentjev 149.56 Open
2 Gilead Almosnino 73.18 Open
3 Jeff Smith 38.39 Serial
4 David Wheeler 33.42 Open
5 John Mann 30.87 Open
6 Ralph Boirum 27.13 Serial
7 Conrad Kreick 23.22 Open
8 Tim Walsh 17.29 Open
9 John Schnebeck 9.86 Serial
Place Pilot Score Class
1 Gilead Almosnino 140.51 Open
2 Conrad Kreick 93.13 Open
3 Tim Walsh 75.60 Open
4 Ralph Boirum 62.77 Serial
5 Jeff Smith 45.49 Serial
6 David Wheeler 34.53 Open
7 John Mann 30.48 Open
8 Konstantin Terentjev 24.25 Open
9 John Schnebeck 21.55 Serial

Paragliding 2009 Summer July Results

Weekend Weekday
Place Pilot Score Class
1 Konstantin Terentjev 62.52 Open
2 John Mann 30.87 Open
Place Pilot Score Class
1 Konstantin Terentjev 24.25 Open
2 John Mann 11.85 Open
Last updated 07/30/2010   Last updated 07/30/2010


April 19, 2007: A custom Garmin MapSource map is now available for Garmin GPSs that can upload MapSource Maps. This is a map of the relevant parts of the Seattle class B airspace and all the waypoints with proximity circles (not actual proximity waypoints). This can be download from the Downloads page. Instructions are on the page and in the .zip file.

July 31, 2006: There is a new format for the claim email : please look at the Claim Page.

September 20, 2005: After having a great flight on Sunday, and gloating in the LZ with other pilots that also bounced off the bases of a few clouds that day I heard people saying "I wish I had the Tiger Tag waypoints in my GPS, I'd have got a score today". Well, nothing in the rules says that you have to have the waypoints in your GPS. The scoring program scores your tracklog against the master list of waypoints. The waypoints in your GPS are for your reference. Obviously not having the waypoints makes it difficult to know that you have tagged a waypoint, but if you know roughly where the waypoints are, and you fly around in the general area, you might get lucky and tag the waypoint. If you submit your track log to the scorer and you tag waypoints, your flight is still valid for Tiger Tag. This isn't quite the goal of Tiger Tag, but competiton pilots will use luck when they have to, so if you had your GPS on last Sunday (18th) and you think you tagged, submit the claim.


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